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Our Cellar

A walk through the wines of the world

At our restaurant Bésame Mucho we are clear that paying tribute to the product is one of our commandments. It is not only the excellence of our dishes that defines us, but also the quality of our winery, which elevates each bite and completes the gastronomic experience.

The local selection immerses you in the nearby terroirs, allowing you to savor the richness of the grapes grown in the lands not only of Tenerife, but of all the Islands. The Canarian references, a sample of the islands' wine diversity, will transport you to volcanic landscapes and ocean breezes that are expressed in every sip.


Wine menu

Our wine list, extensive and carefully prepared by our sommelier, reveals a journey through the most select corners of local, Canarian, national and international vineyards.

Furthermore, we not only want you to know the wines of our land. We have in our menu national jewels of the wonderful wine diversity of Spain that include the vast majority of denominations of origin. And for those looking for a truly global experience, we have international labels from the most prestigious vineyards in the world.

In each bottle you will discover the passion of our producers, the expertise of our winemakers and the dedication of our sommelier.